REMCO Termzsheets

Termzsheets profile commercial real estate loans to public corporations that have transpired since the 4th quarter of 2008. As of March 2010, over $34 billion of loan transactions made by 122 different lenders have been profiled within 100 metropolitan areas nationally. Licensed users of Termzsheets have the capability of creating detailed reports utilizing diverse fields based upon lending analytics, accounting derived benchmarks, disclosed operational parameters and absolute geographic detail.

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Reported Fields Include:
Loan Origination Date, Accounting Period, True Borrower, Borrower Entity, Borrower Agent, Lender, Lender Type, Lender Agent, Loan Amount, Loan Type ,Negotiation Outcome, Loan Term, Payment Terms, Loan Extensions, Interest Rate, Interest Type, Variable Rate Index, Variable Rate Margin, Loan Amount Per Square Foot, Loan Amount Per Unit, Previous Loan Amount, Credit Reduction Amount, Credit Expansion Amount, Previous Interest Rate, Debt Service Annually, Debt Service Coverage Ratio, Property Type, Street Address, City, County, Metropolitan Area, Zip Code, State, Latitude, Longitude, Collateral Square Footage, Annualized Base Rent, Percent Leased, Gross Rents, Expense Ratio, Net Operating Income, Book Value Prior To Depreciation, In Service Year, Disclosure Sources,

Termzsheets are updated quarterly to provide users with accurate financing records on a timely basis.